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Free email
  • Bigger mailboxes starting at 1gb.
  • SPAM protection*
  • The ability to block senders.
  • Stationary
  • 99.9% uptime from an established and reputable service provider.
  • Multiple Folders
  • Web Calendar

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Check Anywhere
  • More composition features including spell check, font choices, stationary, emotions icons and much more.
  • Address Book
  • The ability to affordably upgrade to 2GB or even 5 GB add free mail boxes.
  • The ability to check external e-mail.
  • No ad options from 2GB to 5GB.

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Now here is a service upgrade worth talking about!
That was then...
This is now!
Free Email 25 MB
1 GB
Mail Plus Total Protection 250 MB
2 GB
Mail Plus Premium Protection 1 GB
5 GB
There has been a number of service changes over the past year including this storage upgrade.
Check out the highlights!
  • Significant storage increase
  • Web 2.0 email interface - Inbox folders, message filing and preview pane just like Outlook!
  • Personal calendar and address book
  • Industry-leading spam and virus protection
  • Add-on services including registered email and online storage
  • Paid service packages - even more storage, mobile email as well as POP and IMAP, no ads and no account expiration. Upgrade your account today!
To take advantage of all these great features make sure you are using the Rich Web Mail interface.

It is a great time to share with your friends and family this reliable and user friendly service!

Thank you and we appreciate you choosing us for your email needs!


  • When you sign up, our service provider will ask about your interests. If you do not want to receive e-mail about these interests do not check any of the boxes. You may always edit your interests once you have an account. These settings are found under the "Options" menu in your account.

  • PrimeTap will never give out your e-mail address.
    You will receive e-mail from PrimeTap rarely,
    only if there is an important change to your service.

  • If you sign up for offers from other sites, be sure that you trust them, and that you won't mind getting mail from them. Many offer opt-out boxes for their offers so keep an eye out for these.

  • Also watch for sites (like ours) that promise not to sell or share your address with others

Enjoy your hassle free e-mail!

Free Premium E-mail

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